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The Perks and Science Behind Using Black Wallpaper

As Neiman Marcus put it, “Women who wear black lead colourful lives.” We couldn’t agree more and are going to go ahead and take that one step further – women and men who decorate with black wallpaper lead colourful lives too! Case and point: anyone who decorates their home with any one of these wallpaper prints, is far from boring. Genius, yes, but boring, no.

That’s the best thing about black – and when we talk about black, we mean classic black (Pantone Black C) – despite it being a neutral, it is far from boring. It is seen as being sophisticated, dramatic and worldly. And, while its high contrast can be overpowering if it’s used too much in a room, it makes the perfect background or accent, especially when it is combined with other colours like in the following black wallpaper prints brought to you by yours truly. So, let’s change the narrative and start to celebrate the colour of mourning, especially when it comes to decorating your home.

So, as you can see, like every other colour, black evokes feeling and incites emotion. It affects how we think and how we behave. Interested in learning about the effect other colours have on us all? Browse our blog to read more about the psychology of all colours!