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The Perks and Science Behind Using White Wallpaper

White on white on white. Whether it’s an outfit or the design inspo in a home, this combo oozes luxury, timeless sophistication and refinement. White provides the perfect background for any colour combination and brings a sense of brightness and cleanliness to every space.

Sure, there are many variations in “white” including Brilliant White, Bright White and Lucent White, to name a few. But, regardless of the exact tint or warmth value, white is a colour we can’t help but love and we know we aren’t alone. In fact, off-whites account for more than 80 per cent of all paint colours sold – time will only tell if our white wallpapers end up gaining the same sort of traction as plain ol’ paint.,, stay tuned!

So, as you can see, like every other colour, white evokes feeling and incites emotion. It affects how we think and how we behave. Interesting in learning about the effect other colours have on us all? Browse our blog to read more about the psychology of all colours!