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The Perks and Science Behind Using Blue Wallpaper

Is blue your favourite colour? If so, you are not alone! Blue is stated to be the most preferred colour in North America and was even named Pantone’s Colour of the Year in 2020. Perhaps this is because of its ability to physically calm you – literally. When we see the colour blue, our nervous system is actually calmed, our blood pressure is lowered, and our breathing rate is slowed. Therefore, using blue in your home decor is a great tool in bringing a sense of tranquility to any space – and the following blue wallpaper provides the perfect opportunity to do so!

Also, blue is known to encourage daydreaming and creative thinking, while also speeding up the perception of time and improving concentration, so these blue wallpapers are literally the perfect option for your office, bedrooms and anywhere else you’d like to focus and channel your inner ohm. Namaste!

So, as you can see, like every other colour, blue evokes feeling and incites emotion. It affects how we think and how we behave. Interested in learning about the effect other colours have on us all? Browse our blog to read more about the psychology of all colours!


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