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Pretty as a peach takes on a whole new meaning with this gorgeous wallpaper print. It’s abstract and delicate details make it the perfect option for any bedroom, kitchen or powder room. Plus, our Canadian-crafted Peel & Stick Wallpaper contains no PVC, is non-toxic and is phthalates-free. Our removable wallpaper rolls come in 8ft or 10ft length.


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Wallpaper Specs

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Is there anything sweeter than fruit-inspired wallpaper? In particular, this Pretty As A Peach wallpaper? We think not! After all, it’s subtle peach print provides pops of personality while oozing southern charm. The two-tone peaches and luscious leaves add delicacy to your home while adding life to your walls. As such, this peach, emerald green and pink wallpaper would make a perfect addition to any master bedroom, nursery, kitchen, laundry room, or powder room. But, really, anywhere would be, well, peachy.


So, take a risk and have some fun with this designer wallpaper! After all, there is nothing more boring than a plain white house – even HGTV Canada’s Scott McGillivray agrees in this article called, “Scott McGillivray Ranks the Worst Home Design Trends of the Last 10 Years”.



Although it may sound extreme, it is scientifically proven that the interior design in our homes can greatly influence our physical health, as well as our emotional state of mind. As such, providing superior interior design options is something we find incredibly important and take to heart when carefully curating each of our beautiful wallpapers. We want the best for you, your family, and your guests. That’s why we designed this Pretty As A Peach wallpaper. If you are looking for a pretty fruit-inspired wallpaper oozing with sweet southern charm and delicate femininity, this is the best wallpaper for you!


The pastel peach, soft pinks and deep emerald green leaves in this Pretty As A Peach wallpaper are just as delectable as the name suggests! And, as an added bonus, did you know there are benefits to utilizing the pinks and greens in your interior design? Some of these benefits include offering a relaxing and yet creativity boosting atmosphere. To read more about the colour theory of each of these colours, and the benefits behind using them in interior design, please read the following blog posts: Pretty In Pink and Green With Envy  and then, let’s get to wallpapering!


Also, did you know it is scientifically proven that being surrounded by nature, including fruit-inspired wallpaper, in our home improves our mental and physical health for the following (and many more) reasons:

  • spending time around nature improves creativity and problem-solving skills
  • being surrounded by nature improves mood while also distracting any nagging negative thoughts
  • observing nature puts our life into perspective while stimulating a positive mindset and gratitude from within

In fact, there is now an entire avenue of interior design focused on this very premise called Biophilic Design which aims to incorporate nature – natural light, vegetation, natural textures/materials, views of nature – into people’s homes to improve overall wellbeing.


So, why not invite the sweetness of this Pretty As A Peach Peel & Stick removable wallpaper into your home? You’ve got a lot to gain – both physically and mentally – and nothing to lose!


Plus, you can feel good knowing our Canadian-crafted Peel & Stick wallpaper is non-toxic, phthalates-free, contains no PVC, and is LEED Certified, so your design choices won’t hurt the environment or any real-life plant life. PEACHY! As well, our repositionable wallpaper – which comes in rolls of 8ft or 10ft length – makes installation (and eventual removal) a breeze. So, whether your heart is set on this Pretty As a Peach wallpaper for a day or a decade, we have got you covered and promise you will love it.

easy breezy

Easy Installation

Our Peel & Stick wallpaper is not only easy on the eyes, but also:

1. Easy on your backs –

thanks to its patented adhesive material that makes installation a breeze AND

2. Easy on your sanity –

thanks to its inability to shrink, curl, rip or wrinkle meaning it is completely repositionable during install. You literally can’t mess it up!

As well, since zero glues are used during the installation, it goes up easy and comes down clean without damaging your existing walls. See our full wallpaper Installation Guide here.

So, whether you need to add a new splash of life in your home for a day or a decade, Hello Sticky is here for you.

peel & stick wallpaper

How to measure your walls

We know walls come in all shapes and sizes and we certainly do not discriminate. For tips on measuring different wall types for our Peel & Stick removable wallpaper, scroll through the following sketches:

peel & stick

Wallpaper Specs

You can peel-good about your Peel & Stick removable and repositionable wallpaper purchase. Below are our wallpaper specifications:

Eco-Friendly Material

Our Peel & Stick removable wallpaper is 100% polyester fabric meaning it contains no plastic! As such, it is environmentally safe and biodegradable, contains no PVC or VOCs, is nontoxic, phthalates-free and LEED Certified.

Peel & Stick Wallpaper Used & Locations

While our Peel & Stick wallpaper can be put up in bathrooms (or other areas where things are gettin’ steamy!) it does best if there is some ventilation. So, make sure to crack a window or turn on the fan so you can enjoy your new wallpaper well into the future!

Peel & Stick Wallpaper Roll Dimensions

Our Peel & Stick wallpaper comes on rolls that are either 8ft (96in) length by 24 ¾ inch width OR 10ft (120in) length by 24 3/4in width. To make things nice and simple for you, we have created a custom wall coverage calculator which you will use during the checkout process. This calculator will tell you exactly how many rolls you need (and what size!), plus it will ensure you won’t have to worry about any pesky horizontal seams when you go to install – BONUS!

wallpaper specs

Colour Control

Colours may differ from screen to screen so please reference the Pantone number shown on each product page for reference. As well, while our Peel & Stick removable wallpaper will be printed to match the Pantone colour swatch included in its product images, a slight variance of up to two points in either direction is possible. As such, it is important to ensure all wallpaper is ordered at the same time as slight colour variations may occur in the same product purchased at different times.

peel-good wallpaper

Eco-Friendly & PVC/VOC-Free Material

We care deeply for the environment so we are proud that our wallpaper is 100% polyester fabric meaning it contains no plastic. As such, it is environmentally safe and biodegradable over time, contains no PVC, is nontoxic and phthalates-free. As well, since the use of Peel and Stick wallpaper promotes upcycling of existing items/spaces in your home vs. a tear-out and replace mentality, we are hoping to reduce the number of items reaching our landfills each and every year. Afterall, we are striving to make the world a more sustainable place, one wall at a time.


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