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The Perks and Science Behind Using Purple Wallpaper

Often associated with royalty, purple brings a sense of sophistication and luxury to any room and, thankfully, we have a wide range of purple wallpapers featuring many different tones, shades and tints of the colour.

Purple is also known to be a blending of opposites, and not just because it is the love child of blue and red but also because it causes very strong responses – people tend to either love or hate it. Also, it can be seen to be impressive or oppressive, encouraging or discouraging, and uplifting or intimidating. Confused yet? Us to! Despite its, shall we say, multiple personalities, we clearly are on the love side of the love-hate relationship with this hue! Can you really blame us though? And, it turns out we aren’t the only ones as Pantone named purple as the Colour of the Year in 2018.

Like every other colour, purple evokes feeling and incites emotion. It affects how we think and how we behave. Interested in learning about the effect other colours have on us all? Browse our blog to read more about the psychology of all colours!