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The Perks and Science Behind Using Yellow Wallpaper

Contrary to popular belief and a very catchy song, yellow is anything but mellow. In fact, it’s been named as Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2021.

On one hand, it is often associated with joy and happiness while on the other, it is known to cause stress and aggression. In fact, tempers are known to flare in the presence of yellow and babies cry most in yellow rooms. YIKES. Babies cry enough as it is so, thankfully, we have plenty of non-yellow wallpaper prints perfect for any nursery including the following:

The whole baby crying thing provides a nice segway into another interesting point about yellow… because our eye’s percieve yellow first, before any other colour, it is frequently used as a warning signal. Think signs, traffic lights, etc. Or, now, you’ll think about avoiding yellow paint in a nursery. You’re welcome!

Also, interestingly enough, although yellow makes babies cry, pre-school children loveeee it (it’s the most popular colour amongst that age group). And, even more interesting, as people age, they tolerate yellow less and less. I mean, we get it. As two mothers, anything that is known to make a baby cry is a HELL NO in our eyes. But, even we will make an exception for the following super cute wallpaper prints with subtle pops of yellow…

Hello Sticky - Wallpaper The World - Colour Theory - Yellow Wallpaper - Product View

I mean, can you blame us?!

So, as you can see, like every other colour, yellow evokes feeling and incites emotion. It affects how we think and how we behave. Interested in learning about the effect other colours have on us all? Browse our blog to read more about the psychology of all colours!